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PNO Consultants helpt bedrijven bij het opmerken,
aanvragen en opvolgen van subsidies voor uw projecten,
zodat u zich volledig kunt concentreren op de
operationele uitvoering en uw core-business.

Hierbij begeleiden wij u van A tot Z in de trajecten
die de verschillende subsidieverstrekkers uitstippelen,
en nemen we zoveel mogelijk werk uit uw handen.


PNO webinar: how to benefit from the Eurostars R&D funding program


Free webinar on January 19 for EU R&D-performing SMEs

The European Eurostars funding program aims to support market-oriented research and development with the active participation of R&D-performing SMEs. Through this unique program SMEs with a market driven R&D mindset and a willingness to collaborate will get a chance to benefit from financial support and knowledge sharing and will be able to find new project opportunities. To help these SMEs prepare for the upcoming calls, PNO Consultants organizes a practical and pithy webinar on January 19, 2017.

About Eurostars

The good news is: the success rate of a Eurostar project is one of the highest of all European innovation programs being over 30%. However, that does not mean that all applications necessarily succeed as the Eurostars program seeks only the very best in terms of R&D excellence and market impact. Yet, with funding percentages of approximately 50% on average (depending on national rules and procedures) and a wide range of benefits for those included in the program, Eurostars is a must for all SMEs that are keen to grow.

This Eurostars webinar helps you to become a Eurostar yourself

When applying for Eurostars (which, in itself, is a fairly easy process) you want to convince the Eurostars evaluators. Therefore you need to properly present your challenging project, well-balanced consortium, the best implementation plan and so on, while making sure you meet all criteria. During the webinar we will guide you through the most important facts and figures of the Eurostars program, give you some example projects and provide you with some tips & tricks for developing an excellent Eurostars proposal. So just invest one hour in this Eurostars webinar and we promise you, you are on your way to becoming a Eurostar yourself.

When and how?

We invite you to participate in this free webinar which will be held on January 19, 2017 from 3:00 to 4:00 pm (CET). As a participant, you will receive a list of participants (market area, type of organization and country) which can help you find potential project partners. Also you will be able to chat with experienced Eurostars moderators.

Don’t wait too long. Save the date in your agenda: January 19, 2017 from 3:00 to 4:00 pm (GWT). If you sign up, shortly before the meeting you will receive login details.

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